NOTICE for foreign customers

Dear foreign customers,

This hotel is a ‘Love Hotel’ that is designed to offer mainly hourly or nightly rate for amorous couples. Therefore, please note the following points below.

-The payment should be made in advance or when you check-in to the hotel.
If you wish to stay consecutive days, there are two options.

  1. Please pay the days in advance upon check-in
  2. Or upon wishing to extend your stay, please inform reception and pay immediately for the time ahead

-Please note that room services will be charged at the time you place your order and should be paid in cash only.

-Please dial ‘9’ if you wish to check-out or leave the room (at any time during your stay) as you won’t be able to unlock the door from inside.

- Located inside the room is a beverage and toy vending machine, somewhat similar to an automatic minibar at a regular hotel. If you do NOT wish to purchase items from the vending machine, please don't touch this as you will automatically be charged.

-There is also a vending machine located at the lobby on the first floor if you wish to buy beverages. (Advisable before entering the room)

-Please take off your shoes in the room.